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Address, Building & Parcel Data
Published on April 13, 2021 by Nick Ingalls

Buildings & Parcels
After many months of work, we've expanded the project to include parcels and building polygons. This has been a year-long re-architecture of the vast majority of our core code that is finally seeing the light of day.

We're still working to expand coverage now that we have platform support. In the last month we've added 174 parcel sources and 53 building sources and plan to continue to ramp up the speed at which we add these new data sources. Have an area you would like us to prioritize, or want to add a source yourself? Checkout the source repository here:

Custom Export Formats
We've also added the ability for our backers to export CSV & Shapefile versions of our GeoJSON sources on the fly. We've worked through a couple of launch bugs but in the last month we've helped 15 backers get data in the format that works easiest for them.

We have some exciting plans in the coming months, in no particular order we're currently working on the following
- Interactive Map Viewer to showcase all of our data
- Ownership Data on Parcel Sources
- Dramatically expand Building & Parcel Coverage
- Want to see something here? Reach out! [email protected]

As always, thanks a ton to our sponsors - without you we couldn't continue to improve and release open data at the frequency that we do