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Open Charge Map has been archived.

Open Charge Map has been archived and is no longer active.

Open Charge Map

The Open Data registry of electric vehicle charging locations


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Welcome to our Open Collective for Open Charge Map!

Annually the Open Charge Map database services millions of queries for EV charging infrastructure from hundreds of thousands of users (via our website, apps, 3rd party apps and services).We are hoping to cover our annual hosting costs as...
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Published on February 9, 2019 by Christopher Cook


Open Charge Map is a crowd sourced Open Data initiative to document official electric vehicle charging infrastructure globally.

Open Charge Map is operated on behalf of the electric vehicle community by Webprofusion Pty Ltd (Australia) and is supported by a community of businesses, non-profit groups, developers and interested parties around the world.

Open Charge Map is powered by it's community. The purpose of the Open Collective for Open Charge Map is ensure that resources are available for the hosting and development of the apps, APIs, tools and databases used by the community to curate the Open Charge Map database.

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