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๐Ÿ”ฎ EOY Solidarity: find grassroots groups to receive your tax-deductible donations in 2022 ๐Ÿ’ฐ
Published on December 30, 2022 by Caroline Woolard

We just launched a Discovery Tool to support Grassroots giving.

As you know, Open Collective supports grassroots groups to raise and spend money with fully transparent budgets. We exist to remove the barriers that prevent people on the forefront of social change from getting the resources they need today. Our new Discovery Tool allows people โ€“ like you โ€“ to learn about groups that you do not already know, and to support them. You can view profiles, transparent budgets, updates, events, and see who else is supporting each group.

You have until midnight on December 31st to make a donation that is tax-deductible for 2022. Not only does the money support grassroots groups making an impact, but you can enjoy tax savings by deducting part or all of your contributions on your tax returns. Charitable contributions are one of the best tax-saving opportunities available to taxpayers. Open Collective supports a network of nonprofits and other fiscal sponsors that offer this service โ€“ access to their legal status โ€“ to grassroots groups. The groups trust us to do the tax reporting, compliance, and other paperwork while they focus on making social change.

Find a grassroots group making an impact in these sectors:

You can also search for a group by location.

Join us in EOY Solidarity and find a grassroots group that can receive your tax-deductible donations in 2022. Our Discovery tool enables you to find a group and make a donation right now.

Contact Open Collective COO [email protected] if you would like more information about Open Collective Inc (the platform), our network of Fiscal Hosts, and our Collectives before the end of 2022.ย 

Happy New Year!

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