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See how money openly circulates through All contributions and all expenses are published in our transparent public ledger. Learn who is donating, how much, where is that money going, submit expenses, get reimbursed and more!

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Help build the Commercial Society (Social Market) envisioned hundreds of years ago.


By joining you are actually going to be part of something truly amazing. For the first time in history you can invest in or co-operate in an OPEN VALUE NETWORK that compensates co-operators and community investors with a value pegged cryptocurrency token called SOCIALMARKET℠ BUCKS℠ . Every time money is donated or revenue is reinvested the value of GIFT CURRENCY℠ increases against SOCIALMARKET℠ BUCKS℠ . Co-operators or Community investors can cash in BUCKS℠ through a decentralized wallet. Customers and Support members can spend their BUCKS℠ anywhere in the SOCIALMARKET℠ at any time. The concept is revolutionary.

We are combining current, future frameworks and software to build the SOCIALMARKET℠. We will be utilizing open source, co-op, open value, gamification, decentralized apps and instructional-Alternate Reality Game theory alongside cryptocurrency token(s). All of this will be within a multi-stakeholder community (Open Value Network). Our goal is to start, build, expand and bring back to life new and defunct brands, businesses under an OVN platform.

The whole community will be Gamified to inject healthy competition to further co-operative goals and increase the value of GIFT CURRENCY℠ . We might be gamified though remember, this is not a game!

Removing profit while building value and benefit is our core objective. We can achieve this with Solidarity in not-for-profit value motivations that benefit the SOCIALMARKET℠ OVN.

We will be looking to go decentralized wherever possible. Starting with Merit and Mainframe we hope to expand to with other networks and technology to offer decentralized and off-grid services to our OVN members. "the commons" community valuation economic system.<br> the legal limited cooperative association that allows all this to come together.<br> learn more about open cooperatives and solidarity.<br> Account and Decentralized Exchange for BUCKS℠ , GIFT Currency℠ & Bitshares.<br>

When you donate $30 to the OPEN COOP, LCA each month you will receive proportionate amounts of mining that secure and protect networks that the SOCIALMARKET uses (ie Merit and Mainframe). You will instantly be able to democratically contribute to the vision and movement of the SOCIALMARKET℠ OVN through and along with other tools that help us build the SOCIALMARKET℠ OVN.

The SOCIALMARKET℠ OVN is a 100% Fruit of Labor economy. This reciprocity economic system is the first of it's kind and a new economy based on the First Social Market in Bethlehem, PA - The Christmas City from 1752. This new economy is non-collectivist and non-socialist by nature (unlike the in 1752). The commons is for raw materials and each member can own property and equipment that is leased to the OVN. The OVN does not own property or equipment directly (just the lease rights). This new ownership system allows people to keep individualism though still building a commons of raw materials.

In addition to 100% Fruit of Labor for Knights the SOCIALMARKET℠ OVN also gives back 100% store credit after 120/months. This OVN is the first to offer a Living Pension that Knights and Consumers and live on. This is expanding the Cradle to Grave system that the First Social Market offered in 1752. We hope to expand our OVN to include low carbohydrate foods, sustainable clothing, Knight owned housing, and health care. The whole idea is to earn 100% and Keep 100% to protect our right to Life, Liberty and Property (Fruit of Labor).