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By joining you are actually going to be part of something truly amazing. For the first time in history you can invest in or co-operate in an OPEN Solidarity Coop that compensates co-operators and community investors with a value pegged cryptocurrency token called SOCIALMARKET℠ BUCKS℠ . Every time money or assets are donated or revenue is reinvested the value of BUCKS℠ increases. Co-operators or Community investors can cash in BUCKS℠ on the ; Customers and Support members can spend their BUCKS℠ anywhere in the SOCIALMARKET℠ at any time. The concept is revolutionary.

We are combining current, future frameworks and software to build the SOCIALMARKET℠. We will be utilizing open source, collective/co-op, gamification, decentralized apps and instructional-Alternate Reality Game theory alongside crypotocurrency token(s). All of this will be within a multi-stakeholder community. Our goal is to start, build, expand and bring back to life new and defunct brands, businesses under an open cooperative platform.

The whole community will be Gamified to inject healthy competition to further co-operative goals and increase the value of BUCKS℠ . We might be gamified though remember, this is not a game!

Removing profit while building value and benefit is our core objective. We can achieve this with Solidarity in not-for-profit value motivations that benefit SOCIALMARKET℠.

We will be looking to go off-the-grid wherever possible. Starting with VIBEMOBILE℠ which is an off-the-grid network of mobile phones that do not need cell towers or even power lines to operate. "the commons" community valuation economic system.<br> the legal limited cooperative association that allows all this to come together.<br> learn more about open cooperatives and solidarity.<br> Account and Decentralized Exchange for BUCKS℠ & Bitshares.<br>

Establish an account at and use this account naming system: name as it appears on your photo ID along with six digit birth date with no spaces. example: John A Smith born 01/02/1993 would be: johnasmith010293

When you donate $30 to the OPEN COOP each month you will receive matching BUCKS℠ in your OpenLedger DEX account and receive a proportional amount for any new investment from Community Investors divided by all aggregate historical hours co-operated. By becoming a Support Member, Co-member, or Community Investor you are joining the OPEN COOP, LCA a legal nonprofit Limited Cooperative Association that after 6 months of membership entitles you to full voting rights. You will instantly be able to democratically contribute to the vision and movement of the OPEN COOP through and along with other tools that help us build the SOCIALMARKET℠.

If you would like to invest in the growth of the commons you could establish an account as described above and email us your account name so we can whitelist you into our OPEN COOP. You then will be able to purchase BUCKS℠ on the decentralized exchange. Once you have $600 worth of BUCKS℠ in your account we will give you access to our democratic tools to help build the commons. You can collect up to $599.99 worth of BUCKS℠ before you are no longer considered a customer earning discounts on products. Accounts with $600+ are considered Support members, Co-operators, or Community Investors and would be responsible for pass-through taxes and capital gains when BUCKS℠ are sold or traded.


Meet the awesome people that are bringing the community together! 🙌


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