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The openLab Exchange (OLX) is an affordable simulation development service that connects problem owners to rising collabers. This service is part of Casual Simulation, a non-profit dedicated to expanding digital authorship. The service combines three innovations:
1 - An opensource simulation authoring bot called ab-1,
2 - An opensource AUX file format, that allows for 3D experiences to be portable and shared, and
3 - The openLab method of study.

What is an openLab?
  • The openLab is a social learning environment that allows learners and experts to collaborate as they practice, iterate, and develop new ideas
  • The openLab is structured around understanding and framing problems or opportunities in ways that can be addressed by publishing and receiving feedback on many iterations to a solution quickly and effectively
  • The method encourages practicing ideas and testing their results in the form of rapid experiments
  • It allows for synchronous and asynchronous collaboration by utilizing software and work processes that encourage transparent and open sharing
  • The openLab has clearly defined roles including a lab Coach, participating Collaborators, and a lab Problem Owner.  These roles allow for deliberate feedback loops and exchange of ideas, expertise, and insights as work progresses
  • The openLab does not have predefined objectives in the traditional sense, as it is a non-linear method for developing new technologies, experiences, or solutions that respond to emerging insights as experiments are conducted and evaluated
  • The openLab uses a highly accessible web-based development environment that provides opportunities for real-time collaboration called CasualOS
  • The openLab creates an environment where Collaborators are paid to learn and build their own skills while developing solutions for real business, education, or medical applications. 

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