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11/6 Elio Qoshi

I jumped the gun a bit on the reply, sorry. I was just a bit too stressed out for the Summit. I am personally not completely satisfied with the banner design as well but it does the job. We can plan a bit more ahead in the open for next time.

  • Adding the files to the repository sounds great. Especially since we might need to create another roll-up for FOSDEM or other local events.
  • I know the Summit was done in a hurry and with a few people (also congrats for the event - looks like it went great!). My comment was related to the fact that we are promoting "open design", so we should practice it more, especially for this kind of community deliverables. Since we are all design professionals, I'm sure we can produce very nice things together, and also it's good practice to give / receive feedback on the work we do and that is representing "us".
  • Ideally, we need a rollup for FOSDEM: either in the devroom or at the stand. Still, we don't have anyone in Bruxelles that could "guard" it yearly, we might have some issues with its transport.
  • I would love to discuss about these aspects somewhere public, so let's switch to Git (on the source files) or Discourse (on the FOSDEM organizing post).

Chiming in cause I suggested to reimburse it here. How can we fix stuff going forward:

  • Yes, we should usually check beforehand with the community. I didn’t do that with the .io domain and we just ended up letting it run out. How we can do it in this case is by putting the design source files into the images → promo folder at https://github.com/opensourcedesign/opensourcedesign.github.io/tree/master/images/promo and then we can discuss on them there.
  • While I am also not 100% happy with the design (would have been better to be based on the poster file in aforementioned images → promo), this is a great initiative, a first prototype and our first roll-up banner. We can improve and grow from here! :)
  • I rarely check luggage, but it seems similarly expensive (and more tedious) to carry a rollup-banner to a conference rather than have another one printed close to there? Maybe it’s possible to carry it from Albania to FOSDEM though?
  • I do still think that it’s valid to reimburse it here as it is originally for a community event (the summit) and will also be used for local meetups.

So that said: Best course of action would probably be for Anxhelo (since he created the banner as Elio said) to add it in images → promo, and then we can work and discuss on it there? What do you think? :) – (Especially as these discussions are even less visible to others in the community.)

11/6 Belén Pena

Yep, understandable that things fall through the cracks in the middle of the organising pressures. Still, @Ecaterina is right. This kind of initiative should be checked with the community beforehand. That's the way we should do things from now on. We just need to work out how. Could this be done through Open Collective? Or should we use another channel?

11/5 Elio Qoshi

@Ecaterina, Anxhelo designed the rollup for the Summit (and a bit in rush)(. It's tailored to the local Tirana community. I also think doing review at this level is a bit too micro. Printing Rollup Banners near a conference is also probably as expensive as checking it in. In any case, posted this here as Jan suggested to expensve it on Open Collective. Everyone is tired after the Summit and the organizing has been done by only a few people so I think it can be understandable that the design process fell through the cracks and was not open. I still think this is better than not having had anything though.

The Rollup is visible in https://twitter.com/opensrcdesign/status/1058985342429265920

It would be great to have the rollup for FOSDEM, for the devroom or stand. It's great to have marketing / communication material for events (although might be hard to check-in it in airplanes).

Still, I would have liked it more if the process of creating this rollup would have been open. Not sure what the links at the bottom are. Also are we allowed to integrate and use the GIMP and Inkscape logos?