Open Standards

Open source community-driven standards.


Open source community-driven standards.

The open source community is huge, we all come from different places from different backgrounds, with different ways to resolve problems.

In this new era where collaboration is a big part of being able to come to the best possible solution, having standards that could help us all have common ground on how to resolve certain problems sounds like a basic requirement.

Being able to create something that followed pre-established conventions we can all agree on basically helps us:

  • measure quality in some way
  • in case of software development, standards would assist a developer in understanding what a piece of software provides in order to facilitate usage
  • provide an understandable and universally accepted way to collaborate on any type of project
  • promote a healthy way to extend any project when collaboration guidelines are followed
  • bring up to speed newcomers to a project being able to ramp up reading applied standards


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