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Published on May 11, 2020 by Marcos Ménde



Welcome to the OpenVentilator project. This is an Open Source Ventilator / Mechanical Respirator for the Covid-19 Crisis. Specially Designed for countries in Africa / South America / Middle East and other poor regions in the world
This initiative as other projects was born on the Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies Facebook Group by the awareness of the need to create a Ventilator solution for the scarcity plaguing our society worldwide. I contacted Jeremias Almada from Argentina who by that time had presented an Ambu solution and a Cad Design. The idea was interesting but needed improvements.

Since then we tried to establish some development and community standards and evolved the project several times. 

Main Goal

Design, Build, Validate a reliable Ventilation Medical Equipment Project for people, regions, countries in difficult economical situations with a component and mechanical-agnostic philosophy. (This is why we didn't continue putting efforts into the projects being developed by other teams, who have a different society and economic reality)

The equipment must have as few industrial parts as possible. If necessary, industrial parts must be easily accessible, even in small towns and villages.

The equipment should be built independent of the main motor or the ventilation tool (AmbuBag, Bellows etc) to increase modularity of the parts and resources and also the buildability by others.

The equipment can be built with as few tools as possible, and even with the use of scrap to facilitate access to materials (Sometimes, Scrap is the only source of materials in many poor regions and cities)

The technical features are still being decided, the ventilator has been testes on a Simulator YOU CAN CHECK THE RESULTS HERE 


Technical & Medical Requirments (MVP)

SpecificationSpartan modelMark IIVolume control | Mechanical crank-wheel | Mechanical crank-wheel
Ventilation frequency | Manual Ajusted on I:E | Electronic native control
Inhale Speed | 12 position Switch | Electronic controled
Exhale Speed | 12 position Switch | Electronic controled
Inhale/Exhale proportion | Adjustment with I:E speed | Electronic native control
Inhale Pressure Sensing | Not Available | Electronic sensor
Inhale MAX Pressure Valve | Adjustment on Tube position | Adjustable with tube position
Exhale Pressure Sensor | Not Available | Electronic sensor
Flow Sensor | Not Available | Electronic if available
Inlet air filtration | HEPA / Coffee Paper Filter | HEPA
Inlet air humidifier | HME Filter(recommended) | Humidity and Moistue Exchanger
Exhaust filtration | BUV Filter* + Heat Chamber | BUV Filter* + Heat Chamber
Peep Pressure regulator | Vynil hose solution | Vynil hose solution
Peep Pressure indicator | Water column indicator | Digital UI or WaterColumn
Oximeter | Not available | Electronic sensor
Heartbeat sensor | Not available | Electronic Sensor

Risk Control
  • Inalhation speed 1 ~ 6 s
  • Exalhation speed 1 ~ 6 s
  • BPM from 10 to 35 cycles a minute
  • PEEP Valve control between 1mm/h20 ~ 30mm/h20
  • Maximum Overpressure Valve (adjustable from 5cm/h2o ~ 50cm/h20)
  • Mechanical Volumetric Ventilation Adjustment
  • Contagion reduction by contaminated air on the Exhalation Circuit
Success Criteria
Validated Prototype Thanks to SAMTRONICS This team was super professional and lent us one of the pulmonary simulators that they have available at the company.

Current Status

  • Electronic Controller Status Use if Available on the Spartan Model only Reles, Diodes and Switches
  • Mechanical Motor Status Mandatory we recomend Bosch VW motor by the availability and stamina delivered
  • Humidifier Status: Deprecated we are now using HME filter widly available.
  • Bellow Ventilator Status Recommended We don't belive Ambu-bags are reliable as a Mission Critical Device. Use a Tire.
  • Filtering Status Adopted Is the only way we managed to reduce contamination on the outake system
  • Peep Valve Status: Adopted - Pressure control with pipe height adjustment
  • Over Pressure Valve Status Adopted - This is the Garantee that personal using this machine won't kill someone
  • Diverter Valve Status Adopted - Please use it on the Vertical Position THIS IS MANDATORY to be reliable
  • O2 mixing system Status Researching & Testing

For more information:

If you want to help
Then join the Whatsapp group and talk with Amanda (+55 11 99735-5042 ):

Slack Channel for work-in-progress discussions...

Documentation, Hardware, Design and Code discussions This was deprecated to avoid outsiders looking for profit
Check the decisions ALREADY MADE

If we have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.

Special thanks to:

All our families, wives and husbands that for the last days have been supporting us on our craziness.

All the doctors, nurses and paramedics in the field fighting this common enemy. 

Our team