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Hacktoberfest 2018 and sponsoring update for 2019
Published on November 1, 2018 by Adrien Joly

Dear music lovers, 🎵

Thanks to our efforts in sustaining, its open source codebase and its community of users, I'm very happy to announce that most of our technical costs will be covered again in 2019, thanks to our sponsors:

  • Algolia have been providing the search features
  • DigitalOcean have been hosting our server
  • and Whyd, additionally to giving the source code to the community, have been paying the hosting of our iPhone app on the App Store

The only cost that is not covered is the renewal of our domain name, which costs ~$20/year. Massive thanks to our sponsors! 🙌

I also wanted to thank Patrick, Brandon and Maurice for their help and contribution to our open-source project on GitHub, which include the redaction of a guide on how to deploy Openwhyd on your own server, using Docker. If you want to talk code with us, please ping us on GitHub or contact me by email (adrien @, beginners are welcome too! Otherwise, your donations are still appreciated! 🤗

I hope that you still enjoy using Openwhyd, and that you've appreciated the improvements that have been brought to, and the efforts of the community of volunteers and other music lovers to sustain our platform, spread the word about it and give some love when it was much needed. ❤️

Never stop jamming,

Adrien Joly

PS: French readers, here's a video of me introducing Openwhyd before the viewing of GitHub Universe 2018, at Algolia. Enjoy!