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Our Slogan:
The Life You Want to Lead Fulfilling Jobs for All
Our Mission:
Creating a job market that unleashes the potential of each individual
OpenWork, one of the Japan's largest database of company reviews, has helped maximize the transparency of the job market by sharing the feedback of employees and their alumni. By providing job seekers with company reviews from a variety of viewpoints, OpenWork has steadily grown into a trusted research site for new graduates and job seekers. OpenWork is now a one-stop job market platform, providing not only employee reviews but also job and recruitment information from employers.
We aim to create a paradigm shift from a "company-driven job market" to an "employee-driven job market". We plan to do this by offering company reviews and developing new indicators that measure the attractiveness of companies from an employee's perspective.
Our vision is to create a next-generation job market platform that helps to realize a world where people can proactively search and choose jobs that are a match for the lives they want to live and where companies are managed with integrity.

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