Open Collective
Open Collective

Orhun Parmaksız

FOSS developer, @archlinux / @alpinelinux package maintainer, oxidizing things with @rust-lang, enthusiast of @ziglang



(orhun λ ~) whoami

 I'm a GNU/Linux, open-source and electronics enthusiast
who thinks simple, avoids repetitions and always keeps learning. 
(orhun λ ~) projects --working-on --maintaining
grapheneX: Automated System Hardening Framework for Linux & Windows
pkgtop: Interactive package manager and resource monitor designed for the GNU/Linux
k3rmit: A VTE-based terminal emulator that aims to be simple, fast and effective
zps: A small utility for listing and reaping zombie processes on GNU/Linux
PyObfx: Python obfuscator & packer
k3pler: Android network connection blocker and packet analyzer built on top of local HTTP proxy
PSAUX: Android task manager and automated background service killer
RTLion Framework: Multipurpose RTL-SDR Framework for RTL2832 based DVB-T receivers
(orhun λ ~) exit

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