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Oren Farhi


Senior Software Engineer



I'm Oren Farhi - a Senior Javascript Engineer & A Front End Consultant, leading - A Front End Consulting Company Developer at: Blogger at: I'm the author of "Reactive Programming with Angular and NGRX", published With Apress Media.

I believe in producing easy maintainable code for applications.

I do that by following 4 simple principles:

  • seeing the code as a reactive system
  • implementing best practices of software architecture
  • creating modular & testable code
  • keeping code and app structure organized to let other developers easily understand and further extend it.

I offer these professional services:

  • consulting to companies and startups on how to approach code in their projects and keep it maintainable.
  • I consult on Front End Architecture and Angular development while utilizing software architecture concepts.
  • I provide project bootstrapping and development Remotely - while afterwards i integrate it on site and guide the team on it.
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