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Orthanc Explorer 2: introducing user permissions and study publication links
Published on March 20, 2023 by Alain Mazy

 Dear community,

I'm glad to announce the new releases of Orthanc Explorer 2 and the authorization plugin.

Together with a companion web service and Keycloak, we are now able to implement user permissions in Orthanc.  The orthanc-auth-service also allows us to implement sharing secured links to a single study (this had already been presented at the latest OrthancCon).

Check out:
- the Orthanc Explorer 2 v 0.7.0 release notes
- the Orthanc Authorization plugin v 0.5.0 release notes

These new releases are available:
- in the osimis/orthanc:23.3.0 Docker images
- in the MacOS bundle.

Thanks everyone for your support !