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Orthanc Explorer 2 is out !
Published on May 14, 2022 by Alain Mazy

Dear Orthanc community,

Orthanc Explorer 2 plugin 0.2.1 is now available, adding a new User Interface to Orthanc.  

The documentation is available in the Orthanc book
All these new versions are bundled in:
- the osimis/orthanc:22.5.2 Docker image
- the Windows installers 64bits

It is enabled by default in all these packages but does not replace the standard Orthanc User Interface.  Once Orthanc is running, it is available at http://localhost:8042/ui/app/.

Source code is available on Github !  You may also use Github for bug reports and feature requests.  Please note that this is still a beta version !

I'll continue working on it in the following weeks aiming to deploy it in a medium size clinic (around 200.000 studies stored in Orthanc). 

Thanks again for your support