Transparent budget of the Open Source Collective
Thanks to your financial contributions, we are operating on an estimated annual budget of $169,944
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Transparent budget of the Open Source Collective

The Open Source Collective charges host fees to the Collectives it serves, which flow to this Collective's budget.

These funds are used to resource back-office operations and to support the overall mission of the Open Source Collective: to promote a sustainable and healthy open source ecosystem and work for the common interests of those who create and use open source software.

We also accept direct financial contributions from people and companies who want to support our mission.

If you are looking for the Open Source Collective fiscal host page, to apply to join, see the Collectives we host, or understand more about our activities, please visit: https://opencollective.com/opensource


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pia mancini
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François Hodierne
Core Contributor since April 2019


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