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12/27 Alina Manko

Hi Samson,

Are you just sending this as an addition to the invoice processed for payment earlier today? Not too sure whether you need to submit it separately if this is the case.

Please clarify in case I got it wrong.

Thank you,


12/27 Samson Goddy

Hello Alina,

Yes, this is the actual receipt for the $750 request I made some hours ago. So I labeled it "Paid" because we already paid for it, so I don't require money for it.

Hope this clarify things

Thanks Samson,

To ensure we avoid duplicates for the future, I would suggest either adding it to the previous expense. But given the invoice you submitted was accepted I am not even sure this is necessary.

Also, if we already accounted for this expense from the budget aspect I would suggest removing this one. I could decline this entry if you approve. So just let me know :)

Happy New Year!


Hello Alina,

Thanks for the clarification. I don't think it is necessary too. Yes, I will remove this expenses.

It seems, like I can't remove it, is there a way you can delete it?