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Replace broken printers!


Fundraising for purchase of risograph printer and laser printer to replace broken ones for free printing


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Currently our house infoshop's free printshop has 2 laser printers (Xerox and Canon) that are able to print in color or bw up to 11x17". The Xerox can only copy (printing is broken), and the Canon is unusable (it jams every time and refuses to continue printing). Also, because these printers are both older models, the ink is very expensive ($800/set for Xerox, $250/set for Canon)
The infoshop's risograph printer is also broken. Risograph printers are able to print very quickly, and with much lower ink cost, and produce beautiful colors. They are good for posters and zines, in bulk.

The goal is to purchase a functioning risograph (we found one on ebay that would cost $2123.06), and a color laser printer (found one on craigslist that will cost $300). 

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