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The Age of Enlightenment introduced the Social Contracts theory to explain the relationship between individuals and their governing state or society. Social Contracts can be understood as implicit, explicit, or tacit agreements between a society or state members to cooperate for social benefits. Our societies coordinate billions of individuals and organizations through webs of implicit and explicit social contracts. Our archaic system of social contracts, passed down for hundreds of years, is at the root of our modern wicked problems. The social, environmental, and economic issues we experience are symptoms of our outdated system of social contracts that cannot coordinate billions of individuals and organizations. Humanity needs not another revolution but an evolution of the fundamental element of our social systems: Social Contracts. 

 We update our outdated social contracts system through self-organized grassroots movements that synthesize interconnected patterns between all Individuals, Organizations, and Machines, leading to constant feedback loops that solve the wicked problems that plague us globally and locally. 


Automating the production and distribution of basic needs aligns everyone's incentives within the Poly Ecosystem, leading all our producers and consumers to engage within a web of interactions reinforced by our Smart Social Contracts. The Poly Ecosystem evolves the modes of production and consumption shared between billions of producers and consumers by offering users our primary platforms; Polyverse, Poly Collections, and PolyOS.

Our primary platforms abstract the complexities of building and using emerging technologies. Polyverse, Poly Collection, and PolyOS empower collaborators to build secondary platforms that create specialized environments that allow innovators to develop, simulate, manufacture, and distribute products and services that localized automation of the production and distribution of basic needs.

The Poly Ecosystem weaves our civilization's updated societal fabric by establishing a web of interactions between billions of producers and consumers using smart social contracts. In the Poly Ecosystem, trillions of tasks are executed by billions of producers working in millions of teams to build, maintain and distribute hundreds of thousands of secondary platforms, products, and services. Billions of producers use Smart Social Contracts to create explicit agreements on collaboration rules, establishing a web of social contracts that continuously updates our societies' archaic system of social contracts. Solving the wicked problems dealing with the production and distribution of basic needs aligns producers' incentives to the consumers that purchase their products and services to access basic needs. The Poly Ecosystem core smart social contract is anchored in the will to evolve our current modes of production and consumption into feedback loops that solve wicked problems dealing with the production and distribution of basic needs.




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Published on November 16, 2022 by Princeps Polycap

Princeps: Essentially since y’all are new here I’d like to see what you understand about what we do. I’m a mere writer and my role is to translate the will of Poly186 correctly and pass it on to like-minded people like you....