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Recurring contribution

Buy us a cup of coffee we can drink while hacking on Panda! We'll give you a personal thank-you for supporting our efforts.

Starts at$2 USD / month

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Recurring contribution

For $5, you can proudly boast that you support our project with a special flair or badge on Discord, Reddit and Discourse.

Starts at$5 USD / month

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Recurring contribution

For $10, we will also include your name on a page on the website and in a file in the GitHub repository, while your donation lasts.

Starts at$10 USD / month

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Recurring contribution

For $25, you will get all of the above and we will try to give your GitHub issues extra priority (no promises!).

Starts at$25 USD / month

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Recurring contribution
Bronze Sponsor

For $100, we will include a company logo or a link to a personal website on the Panda3D web site and in the GitHub repository as "sponsored by". Yo... Read more

Starts at$100 USD / month

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Recurring contribution
Silver Sponsor

For $250, we'll also give you and your team access to a special support channel to get direct responses from our team when issues pop up, subject t... Read more

Starts at$250 USD / month

Recurring contribution
Gold Sponsor

For $500, we'll also prominently display your company logo or website link on the website, the GitHub README, and in every release announcement post.

Starts at$500 USD / month

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Custom contribution
Make a custom one-time or recurring contribution.

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Crypto contribution
Crypto Contribution
Make a crypto contribution.