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Open Collective
Please empower Black ParentPreneurs this Giving Tuesday
Published on November 29, 2022 by James Oliver


I hope you're thriving today.

On this Giving Tuesday, can you please continue to support the ParentPreneur Foundation?

Since we started the foundation in 2020, we have given over $100K in grants, paid for three hundred and twenty mental therapy sessions, provided virtual tutors for our members' children during the pandemic, and recently paid for virtual assistants for twelve members of our community for three months.

With your donation, we would like to triple down on these successful programs for the 2,000 members of our ParentPreneur Foundation community!

Can we count on your support this Giving Tuesday?

Kind regards,
James Oliver, Jr.

P.S., Here's a testimonial from one of our members, Jacquelyn, who benefitted from mental therapy; she also runs the Okionu Birth Foundation, which is also on Open Collective and is raising money this Giving Tuesday!