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Important Stuff About Patchfox OC
Published on May 13, 2022 by Andre Garzia

Folks, I’ll probably close Patchfox OC once they pay the expense I submit six days ago. I’m really unhappy with the fiscal host I’m using. They’re very slow to process the expenses and not consistent at all with how long it should take. I had expenses linger for a whole month before being paid, and others for one to two weeks. I can’t do budget planning with this kind of workflow. I submit an expense and wonder will this arrive before $BILL_I_WANT_TO_PAY_WITH_THAT_MONEY is due or not? I’m too tired and stressed out with this.

I’m left without any comms or predictable schedule regarding payment, I understand we’re talking about volunteers and that they are probably overworked. It is simply that I can’t depend on that workflow.

If you want to support Patchfox, I humbly ask you to move your support to my Ko-fi. The money bag there supports all my work including Patchfox, other softwares, and my writing.