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March 2022 update
Published on March 7, 2022 by Andre Garzia

Good afternoon folks,

In February, I made a small release of Patchfox to fix a blocking bug that prevented onboarding new users. This was a trick bug because it didn't affect current users at all, so it took me a while to find out that it was happening. It was a simple fix once someone filled an issue telling me about it.

There is a very important community-wide conversation going on SSB under the #strategy2022 channel. It is crucial for us developers that you voice your wants and feedback there. Sometimes it is not clear to us (by us I mostly mean me) what users want. I'd love to see more Patchfox supporters joining in the convo.

For those wanting to check out my post on that thread, check out message:

Unfortunately, we can't post SSB links inside open collective updates, it just strips them out, sorry.

As mentioned in that message, I have been unhappy with my experience with my selected fiscal host here on OC. Besides that, I also have other SSB projects that are not Patchfox that don't have their own open collective, but that could use some support such as Project Moon Hermit and Scuttle Shell. After some lengthy internal considerations, I realised I am the sole maintainer of these projects, and what you have all been contributing to is actually my own budget to develop them. It was then that I decided to start a transition from the project-based OC to a person based Ko-Fi. By supporting me on Ko-Fi, you're funding all these projects I work on. This unlocks a lot of agency in me to select what project needs attention and what I can do with the money. Until now, this budget has only been used for Patchfox, so Patchfox sucked the air out of my other projects. I'd love to have more freedom to develop those other tools, and to do that I'd invite you to transition your support from Patchfox OC into a monthly or one-time donation on my own Ko-Fi page.

My plan it to be more active there than here in the long run. I'll also talk and develop other cool stuff there besides Patchfox and SSB. I'm a writer after all, and that also where you can contribute to that aspect of my work.