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Patchfox 2019.11.1 released
Published on November 18, 2019 by Andre Garzia

Patchfox 2019.11.1 (it actually happened)

So there is a brand new release of patchfox with all its new UI and reorganization. I had to cut some features out of this release because they were not ready for testing but the remaining set is already a great step forward.

New features

  • Support for displaying blogs and gatherings.
  • Custom your-eyes-only abuse prevention tools.

How to get it

If you installed from the Patchfox page from Firefox Add-ons portal and has automatic updates enabled (which is the default setting) you should get it automatically. You can also go to your add-ons settings page, click the little ⚙ and select update add-ons and let Firefox double check if there is any new version for any of your add-ons.

Where is the source?


The Patchfox team relies on the power of 🦄 and 😸 to code this client. Both of them eat too much and we need more money to feed our unicorns and cats and keep being productive. Become a backer of patchfox at

Look under the solarpunk rug

You may think that the only new thing is the look and feel but what actually happened is that there was a huuuuuuuge reorganization of the file structure of the add-on. Patchfox is now a collection of tiny packages that send messages to one another. This means that you can pick the source and add/remove packages or create your own. I will document more about this soon.

This is actually how I made this release, I disabled the packages that are not ready so they simply vanished from the UI. — SoapDog on how to make a release

Most of what you’re seeing is a package. That global navigation on top, it is a package called globalMenu. The help menu item there is its own package too, called helpMenu.

Each message type is its own package with code inside it to be able to display them in threads, compose them, and more. For example the Calendar package contains menu items, different views, etc.

There is much more happening, much much more, and I will keep posting throughout the following days detailing more about it.

PS: Sorry for the slow startup, it is related to having to break the JS into two large bundles. I’ll try to fix this and ship an update soon.