Open Collective
Open Collective
Release: 2020.3.1
Published on March 2, 2020 by Andre Garzia

Sorry for the lack of updates folks, there have been other updates before this one but I forgot to add an update here. My mistake.

The little vulpine friends inside Patchfox went on vacation and found a really nice Oasis they liked. Being cunning foxes, they stole some stuff on the way back…

Welcome to the new release of Patchfox called The Great Oasis Heist in which the greatest and most visible addition is the popular view that was first popularized by the Oasis client (you really should check them out, amazing project and people).

That view can be accessed from the hub menu:

Or from the browser action menu:

Another visible change is the inclusion of the message you’re replying to in the compose window for a new post:

All the other changes were to the internal plumbing in the quantum spaghetti I call source code.

You can find more information about patchfox on its on web site at The source code is available both in Github and Sourcehut. You can install it on Firefox via the Firefox Add-ons Portal. This release has been made from the master branch and is being collected at the v2020.3.1 tag.

The release notes are:

  • SSB:
  • Fixed bug with pull.take(limit) being fed a string from prefs.
  • Fixed channel and keywords filters.
  • Adding support for pipelines.
  • Reworking everything to use pipelines instead of code duplication.
  • Stolen popular view from Oasis.
  • There is dead code inside ssb.js, It is still WIP.
  • Core: SSB Client instantiation no longer depends on hardcoded manifest.
  • Hub: Added popular view (from Oasis).
  • Browser Action:
  • Added Sourcehut item so that people who don’t want to use Github have another option.
  • Added version number to header.
  • Added popular view.
  • Fixes to shortcuts including c for compose new post and f for going to own profile.
  • Calendar: limited the Future Events view so that it shows events only up to two years ahead.