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Open Collective
Release v2021.5.1
Published on May 14, 2021 by Andre Garzia

Release 2021.5.1

New Features

New app: Books

This is a new app accessible using the launcher. It provides book club features similar to Good Reads and The StoryGraph.


I apologise for the amount of deep development topics in this changelog. I try to describe the changes in terms of their high-level impact and usability, but during the making of this version there were so many silly gotchas, that to document everything I had to resort to tech speak.

  • npm scripts: The copy:docs script was wrong and was not copying root files. Patched many of those scripts.
  • Spectre.css: Browserify was borking the import from node_modules/, so I made an extra copy:spectre-icons-css script that copies it to the default theme directory, and patched the SCSS code to import from there.
  • NPM flamefest while updating: 😤 A gazillion errors happened when trying to bring dependencies up to date...
  • Zine: The old masonry grid was buggy. Unfortunately Firefox is yet to support grid-template-rows: masonry;. So I'm using a fallback to CSS Grid, and left the masonry grid template in place. I expect support for that CSS will arrive shortly since it is already possible to use it in Firefox if you switch some internal flags in about:config.
  • CSP: Had to change the CSP for the add-on to support unsafe-eval because ssb-gatherings uses Function(). Mozilla will probably complain and reject the add-on because of that. I might need to revert this and remove some of the gathering features.
  • Show unknown renamed to show extras in display settings: At the beginning Patchfox had a core set of messages that it understood. As the packaging system expanded, this set became a dynamic set based on which packages are loaded. To be able to view these potential extra messages on thread viewers, you need to enable Show Extra in the Display Settings. The default option has been changed to display these extra messages.

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