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September 2021 Update
Published on September 3, 2021 by Andre Garzia

August has not been a productive month for Patchfox because:
  •  I got swamped with work from my day job, beyond what I usually get, and this has affected the amount of hours I could put into Patchfox. 
  • NodeJS native modules were not playing well with my arm64-based development machine. Solving that took precious hours away from the time I had set aside for working this month.
  • I got a 10 day vacation with my wife 🥰
Most of the work I've done on this month has been on the UX rework mentioned in the last update. Patchfox development paradigm is that it is a collection of cooperative packages. Each package is a collection of Svelte views. These views use reusable components from the Patchfox core, which are also made with Svelte. That is a very high-level summary of the project. It serves to show that almost all files in Patchfox are small reusable Svelte views. Every single Svelte file needs to be reworked to the new UX system. As you can see, there is a lot of work ahead of me before I finish implementing this new UX to where I can go back and focus on building additional features. In August, I converted a lot of those files this month, but I'm not done yet.

Deciding on this rework now might seem a bit random, but it was not. There have been a lot of little challenges with the old UX. Users wanted to be able to theme Patchfox and that CSS had all colors, sizes, etc hard-coded. I wanted more controls to create better UX and couldn't extend the CSS framework I was using. This new system is much more flexible than the previous one and already comes with lots of themes and new controls. Once it is in place, I'll be able to work on new features such as private messages client and a better gatherings package.

Recent milestones

  • Multiple identities are working. Patchfox can save and load different identities per tab.
  • Tier-1 objectives for Wide Release Milestone have been achieved. Patchfox is available in Firefox, Chrome, MS Edge, Vivaldi, and Brave.