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February - April 2020 Update
Published on May 1, 2020 by glyph

Solarpunk social hardware with Scuttlebutt

Greetings from the PeachCloud team! This update is a 3-for-1, covering progress made in February, March and April. First off, a hearty thanks to all of our contributors - past and present - and a warm welcome to Andrew Chou who began contributing in February! Your contributions help to keep our fire alive.

glyph completed 40 hours of work in February ($1,000), 25 in March ($625) and 40 in April ($1,000). The PeachCloud OpenCollective balance currently stands at $196.60.

Work over these past few months has primarily dealt with the web interface, including updates and improvements to the pattern library, HTML routes, JSON API, basic JavaScript and templates, with additional bug fixes and feature additions being made to the networking microservice and physical device menu.

Screenshot of the network status page for PeachCloud.

Screenshot of the system statistics page for PeachCloud.

A brief summary of work for this period:

  • Unit tests have been added for HTML and JSON API routes
  • HTML templates now have consistent indentation and whitespace control
  • Many style updates have been made to improve rendering on mobile devices
  • Signal quality for connected and in-range access points is now shown as a percentage (replacing dBm)
  • RPC's have been added to peach-network to allow changing the password for an access point and forgetting an access point (further bug fixes required)
  • A reboot feature has been added to the OLED menu system for the physical device
  • Reboot and shutdown features are now accessible through the web interface
  • A system statistics view has been added to the web interface and includes CPU, memory, disk and uptime data
  • All microservices now include basic service files (systemd) and Debian maintainer scripts, allowing package creation with the cargo-deb tool

Challenges remain in the form of bug fixes and improvements to the networking microservice. We are eagerly awaiting the release of v0.5 of Rocket which will feature, among other things, out-of-the-box compression for web assets and an updated dependency for the Tera templating engine. Work in the coming month will focus on bringing documentation up-to-speed with recent progress, as well as further improvements and feature additions for the web interface.

Thank you for reading our update and for your continued support. Until next time, much love from the PeachCloud team!