a team working on solarpunk social hardware with Scuttlebutt
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published on April 15, 2019


a team working on solarpunk social hardware with Scuttlebutt

the PeachCloud team is working on a hardware device for Scuttlebutt that will facilitate peer-to-peer communication across your social networks.

we aim to bring (cloud) computing back into the home as a friendly and accessible Raspberry Pi-powered device - enabling more local social and economic networks to flourish without a dependence on corporations who profit from being in the middle of your inter-personal conversations, and providing re-usable modular infrastructure to support a future of useful and adaptable home computing in your ever-evolving lifestyle.


  • the system is a root system for your social network
    • center your home as a data network of social and economic activity
    • increase surface area for nutrient acquisition and distribution
    • facilitate real-time media-rich interactions
    • store your favorite niche content
    • transport your data with you as you move locations
    • reduce dependence on external networks, external data centers, etc
  • the system is a teacher to guide you on your journey
    • invite less-technical people to become more technical
    • be simple on the surface, powerful under the hood
      • example: more like excel spreadsheets, less like apple interfaces
    • embody the underlying system in the interface, expose the internals
  • friendly automation
    • your personal robot friend, your home computer
    • no surprises, any automation should be upfront and clear
    • be helpful, but don't try to guess what the user wants
    • give the user the power-tools to automate their own desires
  • accessible to contributors
    • modules are well-documented
    • code follows best practices
    • focus on being accessible and maintainable, not being clever and complicated
    • focus on being boring and just working, not being shiny and perfect
    • provide an opinionated foundation to build flexible ecosystem
    • living culture builds living tech, not the other way around
    • peer production as a deployment strategy


in order to release a minimum viable PeachCloud device, we will be working to solve the following problems:

  • how to bring the cloud to your home
    • how to discover the Peach as a wireless access point and connect it to your home network
    • how to setup your Peach to be accessible over the internet using dynamic DNS
    • how to handle hot-plugging USB storage devices used to store your data
    • how to interface with the Peach as a physical device and as an internet-connected device
    • how to build a scalable pattern of scalable pattern of Debian-packaged micro-services that each do one thing well
    • how to keep time with a real-time clock
  • how to connect your social network
    • how to invite your friends
    • how to monitor data usage, by you and your friends


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Andrew Reid
Core Contributor since February 2019
Mikey Williams
Core Contributor since February 2019


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