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Open Collective
January - March 2022
Published on March 18, 2022 by glyph

Solarpunk social hardware with Scuttlebutt

Warm greetings from the PeachCloud team!

We've made a lot of progress since our last update and have now transitioned from a period of high-intensity teamwork to more of a gentle hum; it's a hopeful and resolute hum (punctuated by the occasional outburst of profanity...such is the ebb and flow of software development). Anywho, enough of that, here's what we've been up to.



We have now completed and released golgi: an asynchronous, experimental Scuttlebutt client—written in Rust—that aims to facilitate Scuttlebutt application development. It provides a high-level API for interacting with an sbot instance and uses the kuska-ssb libraries to make RPC calls. We are using golgi in PeachCloud for all of our interactions with the underlying go-sbot.

We think that golgi offers an important stepping stone in the evolution of Scuttlebutt, one which we hope will lead to a significant increase in the number of hobbyist Scuttlebutt developers and Scuttlebutt applications. We will be writing tutorials in the coming months to further inspire and guide the birth of new interfaces to the Scuttleverse.


cblgh has made some magnificent contributions to the go-ssb codebase. Perhaps most significantly, a bug in margaret (go-ssb's append-only log provider) which resulted in a forked feed after the first restart of the sbot has been patched (PR#23). Support has also been added to allow for go-sbot configuration parameters to be provided via a file (PR#138). We have taken major strides in understanding the various RPC methods exposed by the go-sbot and how to invoke them. This has led to support for many methods being added to kuska (PR#15 - PR#25).

cblgh's period of contribution to PeachCloud - made possible by the Scuttlebutt community grant - has now officially come to an end. Thank you cblgh for your contributions! It has been a real pleasure working and sharing with you ^_^


The initial release of the PeachCloud web interface (aka PeachPub) is now effectively complete. golgi has allowed us to add a range of Scuttlebutt functionality, including the ability to edit a profile, publish private and public messages, generate invites and set peer relationships (follow, unfollow, block and unblock). Considering this project started some three years ago, it's an incredible feeling to have reached this point!

We are now completing the final bits and pieces of the release before sending it to a few alpha testers and then releasing it to the wider community. Here's a screenshot to maintain the excitement :)

Two side-by-side screenshots of the PeachCloud web interface. On the left is the local profile, including profile picture, name, public key, description and a textbox to write and post a public message. On the right is the form for editing the profile information, including inputs for name, description and image.

Strategy 2022

mix made a powerful and beautifully crafted invocation which called for Scuttlebutt community members to share their strategy and vision for the year ahead (check out the #strategy2022 channel on Scuttlebutt). glyph wrote the following about his PeachCloud-related plans for the year ahead:

PeachCloud as P4P Substrate

We are nearing the release of the PeachCloud web interface. After three years developing this project, I’m eager to get it into the hands of operators and shift into a collaborative mode. I want to identify 1-3 small community groups and work with them to deploy PeachCloud instances and shape the future growth of the project according to their needs. I also want to work with other P4P projects to develop local, community-owned infrastructure which offers multiple tools for supporting healthy communities (free from surveillance Capitalism and parasitic entities). This is why I’m conceptualising the PeachCloud device as a substrate for the cultivation of P4P collectives.

That's all for now. Thanks very much for reading our newsletter and for supporting us with your attention, financial contributions and encouraging vibrations. Our next newsletter update will celebrate the release of PeachPub! How about that?! The P4P future is bright. Until next time, much love from the PeachCloud team!


SSB Cypherlinks:

mix's strategy invocation : %hXlCL9c9rfJgthwMJswTI9DlLyhkhXSddJBqfUSIS6k=.sha256
glyph's strategy post : %wy8cQTMT9ka0/LT11mUnqtQjzLUPV4DC8gaaPlphEZs=.sha256
golgi announcement post : %zN6YBAwV2wheHZdlwQ3i8vwINh9Qd9kp3VLDWIdjJxQ=.sha256


Posted on April 9, 2022

Is this going to be more like a Room or more like a Pub?


Posted on June 4, 2022

Hm... no replies...


Posted on June 5, 2022

My apologies, Scocasso! I somehow missed your initial comment. PeachCloud supports deployment and maintenance of a pub. Rooms are not currently supported.