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June 2019 Update
Published on July 16, 2019 by glyph

Solarpunk social hardware with Scuttlebutt

June was a wonderful month for the PeachCloud project, both in terms of technical advancement and community support. We would like to extend a huge thank you to Mix Irving, noffle and Dan Hassan ( for lending their financial support to our work! Your generosity, along with that of our previous and on-going supporters, means we currently have a balance of $333.80 and an estimated annual budget of $926. We are well on our way to reaching our monthly target of $1,000 which will cover glyph's development efforts.

Close-up, colour photo of an Adafruit 128x64 1.3" OLED Bonnet. The PeachCloud logo (peach and two overlapping clouds) is displayed on the OLED. Wires and books can be seen in the background.

Much of the development work during June was focused on further improvements to our suite of microservices. A few highlights of our recent technical progress:

  • Tests
  • A range of new unit tests have been added to check microservice error-handling
  • Refactoring
  • Our GPIO, menu and OLED microservices have been separated into modules
  • The snafu library was added to peach-oled for improved error-handling
  • The RPC API for peach-oled has been refactored to separate the flush() and write() methods
  • Debounce was implemented for the GPIO interrupt handler in peach-buttons
  • All microservices now allow JSON-RPC server configuration via environment variables
  • A draw() RPC was added to peach-oled, allowing bitmap images to be displayed on the OLED

Code for the PeachCloud project can be found here.

These advancements mean we are close to having a minimal, functional physical interface for PeachCloud! July will entail further work on the OLED menu system and networking capabilities of the PeachCloud device.

Thank you for reading this update and supporting our efforts. Until next time, much love from the PeachCloud team!