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Development started in September 2022, right after Figma was acquired by Adobe. A lot of Figma users afterwards started rushing to an alternative, and there was Penpot! As soon as I saw Penpot as a great open source alternative, I jumped onboard and built the desktop app once I noticed one was missing.

So here we are!

Penpot Desktop delivers a desktop-like experience for Penpot users with the additional of integrating tabs to conveniently traverse back and forth between projects. Offline support is available through the select your own instance option in settings, as well as the theme settings that may be applied to either the entire desktop app or simply the Penpot dashboard.

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Penpot Desktop at Penpot Fest

At Penpot Fest, Penpot Desktop was mentioned during Pablo Ruiz-Múzquiz's keynote on the server mode feature that I plan to implement in the future....
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Published on July 10, 2023 by SudoVanilla