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On this page you can support creation of new episodes "Pepper&Carrot" Motion Comic, which is based on original webcomic by David Revoy (

Released episodes:

DISCLAIMER: This page is collecting funds exclusively for work on production of animated version. Original author of the webcomic (David Revoy) is not involved in production process of motion comic and does not receive/shares any revenues collected here. The name of David Revoy is used exclusively for attribution purposes (as requirement of license), but not as sign of affiliation. You can support the work of David Revoy on production of original webcomic


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Teaser of Episode 3

Episode 3 is almost ready! Enjoy the teaser!
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Published on August 16, 2022 by Konstantin Dmitriev

Pepper&Carrot Episode 5 Released!

Hi everyone! Our team wish you happy holidays and releasing the (unexpected) 5th episode of Pepper&Carrot Motion Comic! We have secretly made this extra episode to bring it as a surprise to you. I hope you’ll like it. Merry Christmas!
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Published on December 26, 2021 by Konstantin Dmitriev