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Governance Work
Published on January 25, 2022 by Hannah Paterson

Some of you may have noticed that we have made some payments out to Kelley Buhles, Ben Wrobel and Sarina Dayal (£3,000 each) for the work they have been doing on our governance. We received some funding from RSF Finance to support some of this work and from Porticus to help cover the costs of organising that we are putting towards this work. 

Is in an overview of what they have been doing:

Project Overview
The PGM Community has outgrown a self-selected volunteer organising group running things behind the scenes. As we begin to formalise ourselves we want to ensure that we live by the values we preach and embed those values in every aspect of our organization. 

Project Pivot Oct. 2021
Initially, we engaged with Harmonize to lead this project, but after a choppy initial phase, we have pivoted to use them on an hourly basis for advice as needed. Moving forward the PGM Governance pod (Sarina, Ben and Kelley) will continue to hold the process towards achieving the project goals.

Project Goals:
  • Develop a Mission, Vision, and Values statement - draft completed
  • Determine decision-making and accountability mechanisms within the organisation - what decisions need to be made within the community, by whom and how
  • Community engagement and onboarding - engage the working group and eventually the wider community in the process, adapting the mechanisms as needed based on feedback
Assess a legal entity if necessary - how does the Community need to be formally recognised in order to achieve its desired aims, and if required, the development of the governing documents in order to establish as the identified entity 

We have also made a decision with some of our donations to make sure we pay for any accountability partners who support the ongoing design and development of our governance model

Hannah Paterson

Posted on January 26, 2022

Kelley has also included some of the costs for her facilitation time (£1,500) in this invoice which is why it is higher.