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A global community of practice focused on sharing knowledge to improve participatory grantmaking and encourage its use within philanthropy.


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Hannah Paterson

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Lynn Perkins

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Governance Work

Some of you may have noticed that we have made some payments out to Kelley Buhles, Ben Wrobel and Sarina Dayal (£3,000 each) for the work they have been doing on our governance. We received some funding from RSF Finance to support some of t...
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Published on January 25, 2022 by Hannah Paterson

Open Collective

The PGM Community has grown incredibly quickly from 12 to 700 people involved in only 18 months. It's currently organised by volunteers and we've quickly come to realise that the community can't reach its potential on no income and no paid...
Read more
Published on October 21, 2021 by Hannah Paterson


Who We Are
In March 2020, a group involved in Participatory Grantmaking (PGM), began meeting to share their work, ideas and hopes for the future of PGM. Since then our community has grown to over 800 people from around the world. Members of our community represent a wide range of actors within philanthropy. This includes people working with or within foundations, with funders, and donors who are actively working to transform existing power dynamics to move decision-making authority to communities being served.

Mission & Vision
The Participatory Grantmaking Community is a global collective of individuals and organizations interested in sharing knowledge and practice to improve participatory grantmaking and encourage its use within philanthropy. 

We believe that when grantmaking processes are designed and owned by communities themselves, philanthropy will be more effective, democratic, and just. 

To join the Community please visit our website: 

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