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Published on October 21, 2021 by Hannah Paterson

The PGM Community has grown incredibly quickly from 12 to 700 people involved in only 18 months. It's currently organised by volunteers and we've quickly come to realise that the community can't reach its potential on no income and no paid support. 

In September we went out for a fundraising ask to the Community, as well as approaching a number of funders individually, to help us stay afloat and support our volunteers. We are incredibly grateful to all those who contributed to this ask! 

Quite rightly during this process, people wanted to know how we were going to keep our work transparent which is where Open Collective comes in. We will be using this platform as much as possible to help people see what money is coming in and out of the PGM Community. There are however some caveats and some people and funders are unable to fund directly onto this platform. When this happens money goes to our fiscal host Impatience Ltd who then support us to manage that. 

When transactions come from Impatience Ltd to Open Collective we will use this update space to let you know what this money is for and who it has come from. 

Here is an updated list on what we have received to date that has not come through the Open Collective Platform: 

£33,684 over two years to support the facilitation, website and admin support of the community, some learning and evaluation and resource development. 

£14,306 from RSF to support our website development, Community costs and a project to develop and understand a governance structure.

£10,000 from Lankelly Chase to cover website development and general costs

£1,000 from Disability Rights Fund
£500 from Smallwood Trust

So far outside of the Open Collective platform we have made the following payments: 
£6,956.05 to Harmonize LLC to support us to review and develop our governance structure
£655 on Community Coordination costs
£2,200 on facilitator and speaker costs
£7,992 on the design and development of the website