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PayPal (hidden)

When I try to pay this, I get an error from paypal saying "The receiver is based in a country that isn't enabled to receive payments". Is your paypal account restricted?

Hey. Of course no. Maybe I should add another card there?

I tried again but unfortunately I'm still getting the same error. If you're sure your account can receive payments, I'll get this investigated as a bug.

Please see the info here about how to enable USD payments in your account:


8/14 Alina Manko

Hi Serghei,

Please ensure you apply the steps Alanna has recommended in order to enable us to process this payment via PayPal. Currently I am still receiving the same error message.

Thank you,


Hi Alina,

The GitHub page does not help.

the user should try to see if USD is properly listed on https://www.paypal.com/myaccount/money/balances/summary.

Just blank page.

OK, you'll need to contact Paypal support in that case. This is an issue with your account that we can't do anything about from our side.


Just sent a request to PayPal support. I will receive a response from Customer Service within 24 hours. Let's see if it is a PayPal issue.


Looks like I can receive only SWIFT transfer on my country.

So, looks like we should stop processing this expense and return money back to the Phalcon wallet.

OK we'll cancel this for now as we're not able to pay small expenses through other payment methods besides paypal. In the future if you have a larger expense or several that add up to over $500, we can arrange to pay via Payoneer, which should work in Ukraine. Sorry it wasn't possible to pay this one.