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Increase community cohesion, specifically through delivering three large events, in three different areas of Plymouth.


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Support the following initiatives from Plymouth Community Events.

Report writing and purchase of shared resources
Delivery of the Barne Barton Fun Day 2023
Delivery of the Central Park Fun Day 2023
Delivery of the Stoke Village Fun Day 2023

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 A collaboration between Diverse Events CIC, The Village Hub, and Tamar View Community Centre to create a series of free-to-attend public events across Plymouth, focusing on collaborative marketing, buying power, and cross-city teamwork to ultimately collectively save on expenditure, all as a ‘proof of concept’ to show that collaborative working across community events is beneficial. 

Plymouth has an incredible city-wide community – community events are central to bringing that community together and increasing that well established community cohesion.

All three organisations have run events well in Plymouth and will continue with their tried and tested formats, however, we will develop collectively, sharing resources, buying-power, and assets with the aim of reducing expenditure which can be redirected at increasing the level of event delivered, which in turn increases community cohesion.

Measurable outcomes include: – Increase community cohesion by increasing attendees from out of area to the free-to-attend events with collaborative marketing – Create a more financially sustainable event by reducing expenditure – Reduce expenditure by sharing marketing and assets – Reduce expenditure by working together to increase purchasing power – Increase local service involvement through one simple booking for multiple events

Once the events have been delivered, we will review our collaborative work and produce a report (hosted on both The Village Hub website and Diverse Events CIC website), showing that if community events work collaboratively across the city, it will save them money (the biggest barrier to overcome with events!) as well as increase community cohesion. This evidence could lead to the re-establishment of the ‘Plymouth Events Committee’ where many community events can meet and work together to truly benefit Plymouth’s communities.

This project may also lead to:
– a wider networking having been created
– deeper community links 

Diverse Events CIC already work with many organisations across Devon and Cornwall, and see that each event suffers the same downfalls, the same struggles, and are always battling the same battles. They approached two other events in Plymouth, one run by The Village Hub and another run by Tamar View Community Centre, to run a ‘pilot’ of sorts in the hope of proving the collaborative working between events can be hugely beneficial to all parties involved. 

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