Open Collective
Open Collective
Published on April 6, 2022 by Jane Hembrow

A collaboration is a wonderful thing .. it’s not just about the project or thing that you came together initially to deliver, it’s also about those moments that come from that glint of an idea, so I’m going to list some .. please feel free to add 😎
“Connections” initiated by Rebel Botanists as a school based project, working with a local school Liz challenged herself to get funding from local councillors, support from the schools Eco club along with teachers and the Head to bring “Connections”  in complete with work plans 3 tutors (including Juliette from Seadream) who facilitated the links between Sea, Soil and pollinators, and culminated with a community artist supporting a visualisation with the pupils of their learning, made from scrap. 
2. Scrapstore worked with Art n Energy to network them into the local Armed Forces group in order to bring a solar art “Home” project into the community.
3. Pollenize is taking seeds to schools as part of World Earth Day and using the collaboration as a way of getting the message out there. 
4. Precious Plastics and the WOOT project developed a new collaboration research project with Environment Plymouth to see how policy meets practice in the community. Workshops supported by Scrapstore. 
5. Art n Energy - Jenny is supporting Clean our patch as a Plympton litter picker. 
One of the most important parts of the collaboration is how we network each other into opportunities… and even though we haven’t had our AR thingy yet we have had an apology and update from Igneous who have been struck by C19. 

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