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Together a bigger impact : Exciting next stage!

As a collective we've continued to work together, with all sorts of exciting off-shoot projects thanks to the first funding from POP. From a friendly smile and a wave when we meet at events, to teaming up to run activities and develop new p...
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Published on September 26, 2023 by Jenny Ayrton


A collaboration is a wonderful thing .. it’s not just about the project or thing that you came together initially to deliver, it’s also about those moments that come from that glint of an idea, so I’m going to list some .. please feel free...
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Published on April 6, 2022 by Jane Hembrow

Eco collective update

It has been an interesting time and a lot of learning has taken place! As the scrapstore we didn’t really know what to expect from Ignious when we started this journey…So we are a bit closer to having our AR designed and delivered.. it will...
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Published on March 9, 2022 by Jane Hembrow


For many, the Climate Emergency creates a sense of anxiety and guilt which can switch people off getting involved or making change. The challenge can be so complex that it is hard to know what to do, or where to start. Each of our organisations offers ways to take constructive action: engaging and appreciating the natural world around us, reusing the items that we’re in the habit of throwing in the bin, clearing up the rubbish that hasn’t made it to the bin, and making our homes more energy efficient. 

Not only are we and our members making small changes to make improvements to Plymouth’s environment, we are doing so through a hands-on, community, creative, fun and light-touch educational way. We are bringing together like-minded people from all walks of life and creating communities. Eco-anxiety and isolation is on the rise. Look out of your window and the environmental issues around us can feel massively overwhelming, but approach them together and we can make a difference!

We are all growing, but would like to reach a more diverse audience. We all particularly struggle to reach young people; those beyond the age of family activities attending as a child, and before full adulthood. We believe that one way to reach this group is through the use of interactive technology. 

Engaging this age group seems particularly important as they are the ones who will be faced with an increasingly complex and challenging world in the face of climate change. We frequently hear of growing concerns about the mental wellbeing of this age group, so it feels particularly important to offer them ways to take constructive action.

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