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Open Collective
When a mural becomes the story
Published on July 1, 2021 by Jane Hembrow

For anyone who has been past the Scrapstore of late  you cannot fail to have seen the retro sunshine, forget me nots, worker ants, hedgehog, heart .. what’s it all about? This is our artwork .. our story as interpreted by members of the collective along with the scrapstore.. we had always planned to have something on this but if wall .. more likely to have been some stylised graffiti … but .. this story came through love, community, pandemic, loss, memory, life … being part of the collective we wanted to use the opportunity to tell a story .. our story.. use it to bring others closer to us.. Kate, Jenny and Liz listened .. then they came and played with the wall in situ .. Kate did drafts and submitted them to our trustees .. and work commenced… Soon it became obvious that this story wall of ours belonged to more than just us .. there is bits of all the collective in there… alongside a deeper understanding of what we all do … how collectives work together for the better of their communities.. and another layer .. written … secreted between the lines .. the story of strength, love and belief .. RIP Our beloved Rachael always in our hearts, never forgotten … 

Thank you Kate … it goes beyond words .. Thankyou Eco Collective … thank you POP .. 

Jane Hembrow

Posted on July 1, 2021