PLzmaSDK is a free, open-source, multi platform SDK for managing encrypted(password protected), high compression rate archives, such as the 7-zip(7z).
The original LZMA SDK available only for Windows as a C/C++ code base, and using it, is pretty complicated for many developers.

It's sad, when a such good format, with a high compression rate(small size) and password protection, limited to Windows and C/C++ language only.
So, few year ago, in a spare time, I've decided to simplify the usage of the library, and not be limited to a just one platform and language.
As a result, the original code base has been brushed up, patched/adopted and left under the hood. Instead, a new, clean, cross-platform and intuitive interface was developed.
Although the SDK is now available for other platforms, but still doesn't support several popular languages such as Java/Kotlin, C#, Go, etc.
And your contributions will greatly help to maintain, port to new languages and make this secure and optimized format more popular and easy to use.