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Pacific Northwest Starbucks Worker Relief Fund


Our initiative is comprised of Starbucks baristas. We made a community-driven fund for supporting workers who face hardship when forced to take action to stand up against unfair labor practices and union-busting by management and the company.


Let our voices be heard

Starbucks has been hitting its workers hard with a vicious union-busting campaign, including in their home town of Seattle. It’s time for us as a community of partners and supporters across the Pacific Northwest to defend our legally protected rights! 

Union busting is disgusting

Howard Schultz has returned to head the company, and with him he has brought his history of union-busting and anti-worker practices. We have seen organizers fired across the country, and in our own towns. Starbucks’s latest union-busting tactics include slashing workers’ hours well below what we can live on, leaving many of us financially desperate. They continue to offer meager raises and incentives, but threaten to withhold them from unionizing shops. Starbucks is counting on this economic stranglehold to prevent its workers from using collective action to fight for our rights. 

An injury to one is an injury to all

The purpose of this fund is to provide financial relief to Starbucks workers across the Pacific Northwest who make the brave decision to stand up for their legal rights to take collective action in the face of hardships imposed by the company.
We need PNW solidarity to stand up to Starbucks and prove that they are nothing without workers!

How we win

Our goal is to support partners to the fullest of our abilities, and the actual amount that we will be able to afford will directly reflect how much support we get from our community. Our vision is to reach 100% coverage of lost income due to taking collective action, but we will continue to reassess as a team as time goes on.
  • The fund is managed by a committee of organizing partners from Washington and Oregon
  • We, nor anyone else, receive compensation for involvement in this project
  • Workers must provide proof of collective action and proof of lost income
  • Our reimbursement rate will be continually evolving and voted on by committee

What comes next?

Spread the word and get involved! We are one part of a national movement of workers waking up to the power of solidarity and what we can win together!

Our team