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Popmotion is a collection of simple libraries to make delightfully animated user interfaces.

Popmotion started life as a single animation library, and has slowly grown into a whole family of libraries that help developers make delightful user interfaces.

Earlier this year, I launched Pose, a declarative motion system that currently comes in three flavours: vanilla, React and React Native. Pose aims to expose all the power of JavaScript animation in a way that is even simpler than CSS transitions.

So far the feedback to Pose has been amazing, perhaps overwhelming. Writing new features, answering questions, test suites, bug fixing, writing guides, talks, examples and docs: This all takes way more time than I currently have to offer.

I'm turning to Patreon to help support development of Pose and its powerful engine, Popmotion Pure. I've got so many ideas that it would take a full-time job to realise them. Over the next couple years I'm going to build towards just that.

Why donate?

The more I raise on Patreon, the more time I can dedicate to stability, feature development, and educational resources.

As well as making Popmotion possible, your support will get you early-access blogs and tutorials, plus commercial licenses for premium React modules like our upcoming SplitText component. All exclusively for Patreon supporters.

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