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Donations Have Slowed but the Work Continues!
Published on March 2, 2021 by Symbiosis PDX

Hello everyone!

First things first, if you are requesting funds please remember to fill out the Google form in order for us to evaluate need and approve the request! ( link to form:

Monthly recurring donations have slowed and are currently hovering around $800 a month, while we have recently seen a huge spike in requests.

We continue our commitment to supporting the SHARE Program, and it's essential mutual aid work with houseless community members who are most directly impacted and vulnerable in the Coronavirus Pandemic. As the space usage fee for the SHARE hub is $600 and, we will continue to disperse the additional $200 a month to community members making requests. We are hopeful that donations will increase. If you have friends or family who want to support please don't shy away from telling them about this fund. The same is true about those who need help. We will continue to do monthly dispersals for the foreseeable future as the funds allow and based on the need conveyed through that form.

Thank you for your support!

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Alison Hart

Posted on March 2, 2021

This is blatant gatekeeping! You have OVER 9,000 Euros in that account. I’m on a ventilator and am without electricity I hope this comment is public. You should be ashamed of yourself. 

Symbiosis PDX

Posted on March 2, 2021


The Coronavirus Solidarity Fund is separate from Symbiosis PDX's Open Collective that is used for all internal organizational expenses. The Solidarity Fund is created through the donations of supporters and comrades who make monthly recurring donations or one-time donations to support local mutual-aid efforts assisting communities most impacted by Covid-19 and direct funding payouts to community members in particular cases. The Symbiosis PDX Open Collective is generated by our members through member contributions in order to sustain the ongoing activities of the organization. There are two accounts you are seeing on this Open Collective with two different balances. The Coronavirus account currently has approx $1800 which is what this update was speaking of. I hope this provides clarity and I am sorry for your struggles. Please fill out the google form and resubmit your request and we will try and aid you as we can. 

Clara langworth

Posted on March 5, 2021

I appreciate everything you guys are doing. It really helps alot I cant thank you enough for your generosity. Thank You from my heart