Postmark is helping meetup organizers around the world create memorable experiences with their communities.

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Tech meetups provide us with great opportunities to connect with industry peers, learn new languages and frameworks, discover creative solutions to problems we may have been struggling to solve, and even find new partnerships or job opportunities. Attending meetup events is fun and easy, but organizing meetup events and keeping attendees engaged can be quite challenging. This is where Postmark would like to help.

For qualified meetups, Postmark will provide a one-time payment of $300 USD that can be used to cover recurring costs (e.g. food, refreshments, etc.) and/or used to host a fun and memorable event. By providing this support, we hope to:

  1. Make a clear and positive impact on your community.
  2. Build meaningful and lasting connections with your community and raise awareness that Postmark is a great solution for sending application email.
  3. Have lots of FUN along the way!

While we don’t want to be prescriptive about how the funds get used, bonus prizes will be awarded to groups that utilize the funding to host fun and memorable experiences with members and share photos of those experiences with us (use #PostmarkPizzaParty and mention @postmarkapp).