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Community Climate Storytelling Consortium

Storytelling for a regenerative future 🌱


We leverage storytelling for a regenerative future.

We're a consortium of climate arts and storytelling organizations leveraging our collective power to imagine transformative and regenerative futures.
The science is irrefutable. Before we're able to pass legislation and change the system, we need to evolve our culture and dream as big as we can. 
That's where we come in. Our consortium is cultivating a community for climate storytellers of all mediums to convene and collaborate, while providing space for learning, exhibition, and engagement with the public.
The consortium also produces climate stories across a range of narrative media — writing, film, animation, immersive media, and more — while informing new pedagogies and research with a measurable social impact.
Stay tuned as we begin to build out our operations and programming in New York City.

Let’s dream a better future together.


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