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Prav subscription plans are now available for pre-order
Published on February 6, 2024 by deadman

We are now offering Prav subscriptions on pre-orders as a perk for people donating to this fundraising campaign.

We have come up with two different pre-order subscription plans:

  • Prav subscription of 1 year for $5
  • Prav subscription of 3 years for $12

Also for people who have already donated for Prav iOS campaign, they can contact us via the OpenCollective platform if they want to redeem this option.

Please note that these subscription fees are charged to keep the services running,  and enable us to provide freedom and privacy to our users. We have to pay for the server, and we hope to pay people who will maintain the service to ensure the service remains reliable.

We hope to provide more payment options for pre-ordering subscriptions soon. These pre-orders will help us make the production release of the platform sooner.