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We are a global movement built on providing open-source designs with 1000+ organizations around the world that recycle plastic on a small scale. We share free open-source machines and molds for the community.


At Precious Plastic, the focus is on reducing plastic waste and promoting a circular economy by transforming plastic waste into valuable resources through micro-recycling. The organization provides open-source tools and machines to empower entrepreneurs globally, allowing them to start their own recycling businesses.

By supporting Precious Plastic, individuals contribute to a global movement towards a circular economy and actively participate in reducing plastic waste's negative impact on the environment. The organization has a decade-long track record and has built a substantial community of over 600+ organizations dedicated to sustainable practices. With continued support, Precious Plastic aims to make an even greater impact in its mission to create a more sustainable future.

Through our efforts, Precious Plastic has helped to reduce pollution, conserve natural resources, and create new economic opportunities. The organization has empowered 10.000+ entrepreneurs worldwide and recycled 590,000+ tons of plastic waste, generating more than $36,000,000 in revenue and employing over 15,000 people across the global community. You can learn more on our 2023 Impact Report

We would like to invite you to explore potential funding opportunities and collaborations with us. Your support will help us achieve our goal of creating a circular (plastic) economy and reducing plastic waste worldwide.

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News from Precious Plastic

Updates on our activities and progress.

Q3 2023 Report

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Q2-2023 Report

Hi Friends 🌴 Today we're happy to share a new way to communicate our quarterly reports here on Open Collective to keep our community and donors up-to-date with our work, budgets and achievements. We tried to share our work in a number of w...
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Impact Report 2023

Hello friends 🔆 Today we're happy to share the 2023 Precious Plastic Impact Report with some data sup...
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