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Print My Blog has been archived.

Print My Blog has been archived and is no longer active.

Print My Blog

WordPress Plugin for printing an entire blog in one click.


Print My Blog is all of us

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$20 USD

Thanks for a terrific plugin. It works perfectl...

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$20 USD

Great plugin! Exactly what I was looking for :-...

Lucy Payette

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Donation Options

  • Make Recommended Donation on Open Collective
  • PayPal (as a "friend", please mention your website or Twitter username in the note), or
  • Check by Mail (make check payable to "Michael Nelson", and mail to "Care of Michael Nelson, PO Box 28, Brentwood Bay BC, V8M 1R3, Canada")

Thank you!


This is the collective for the development of Print My Blog, a WordPress plugin for printing your blog to paper or PDF in one click. The plugin is developed primarily by Michael Nelson, but this collective is for gathering funds to reimburse any approved contributors. The collective is part of the Open Source Collective, a registered non-profit, so you can receive a receipt detailing your donations (e.g. you can report your donations as a business expense).

What is my Recommended Donation?

There are 4 tiers of recommended donations:

  • one-time users: please make a one-time donation of $20
  • ongoing users: become a "member" for $2/month
  • ongoing users using support: become a "backer" for $5/month
  • businesses and organizations who benefit from the plugin: become a "sponsor" for $25/month

What does my donation/sponsorship pay for?

Reimbursing contributors for their time spent on Print My Blog, at the average market rate for their tasks (not just the plugin author; other approved code contributors, translators, etc are reimbursed).

  • So, $2/month will pay for employ a support agent for about an hour annually (enough time to answer a support question or two).
  • $5/month will employ a developer for about an hour and a half annually (enough time to fix a bug, develop a small feature, or improve integration with another plugin or theme).
  • $25/month will employ a developer for about a workday annually (enough time to implement a new major feature).

What work is still to be done?

We have a list of tasks on GitHub, but at the time of writing this still needs to be done:

  • better plugin and theme integration
  • support for private and password-protected posts
  • more professional formatting (eg using CSS to replace hyperlinks with footnotes, add a table-of-contents with actual page numbers, and replace YouTube videos with a thumbnail and link, etc)

And generally, there is a never-ending supply of support questions and keeping the software up-to-date with other evolving software.

Read the latest Transparency Reports to see what's being worked on now.

What Do I Get For My Donation?

  • All donors get a shout-out on twitter.
  • "Backers" also get an annual shout-out on the release of a new version on our blog, twitter, and release notes.
  • "Sponsors" also get their name and logo placed alongside the plugin basically everywhere: in the plugin's settings page, on this Open Collective page, on the GitHub readme, and the description. (Note: this is not an advertisement. It's a notification to plugin users that you are supporting the project and therefore awesome.)

Will the price of tiers change?

As the project becomes more popular and complex, the price of the various tiers is expected to increase. (About $0.05 per "member", $0.10 per "backer", and $5 per "sponsor.") However, once you join at a given tier, you are "locked in" at the amount, so you won't need to donate more in order to remain in that tier. (This is a slight incentive to early donors.)

Why Don't You Charge for downloading or support or something?

Instead of removing some features in order to sell a premium version, I want every WordPress blogger to preserve their stories with this tool, regardless of whether they donate or not. I'd also like this tool to work the best, and be the easiest to use, and reach the widest audience possible. And that's easiest if it's both free to use and supported financially. Lastly, I only want satisfied users to donate.

So if you want to also help preserve our blogs, want to help maintain and improve this plugin, or are a satisfied user, please join our open collective by donating.


If you have questions or comments, please reach out on GitHub, WordPress support forums, or my personal blog.

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