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Proofing Future inspired 100 attendees at this weeks "UN High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development side event"
Published on July 9, 2022 by Sebastian Klemm

Dear Proofing Future allies and advocates

We are grateful to have been invited to actively share in at this weeks
UN High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development side event
"Emerging Regenerative Models in the Creative Industries: EdTech in the Hands of MSMEs for Collaboration, Inclusivity and Decentralized Financing"
initiated by Hecho Por Nosotros & animaná

Given 2min to get the interested 100 attendees, worldwide doers & movers attuned for their subsequent cocreation breakout sessions, we inspired the audience with 6 slides by the purpose of Proofing Future: Bridging People + Ideas which felt congruent with the goal of the event.

We refined the event slides into a self-promoting pitch for Proofing Future.
Feel free to share it with those who can use our support:
👉 Communicating Solutions & Fostering Collaborations – the Proofing Future approach 

images: CC BY-NC-ND